Match of the Week – December 30, 2013

The last Match of the Week for 2013, is a 1980’s collectible Gremlins movie board game. Scooter, one of our FyndIt members posted the board game as a Want and offered to pay a small bounty to the person who could help find the item in the condition specified. Luckily for Scooter, one of our members knew where to find Gremlins memorabilia! Scooter is happy because he found his game and the Finder is happy to walk away a few dollars richer by helping someone.


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Want of the Week – December 30, 2013

roguestatue The Want of the Week for December 30th, is a limited-edition Sideshow Exclusive Rogue statue. The collector would like to find one in excellent used condition with the original box. They are willing to pay a $4.00 reward to anyone who can help find this statue listed on sale for $300 or less. Do you know where to locate one? Earn the bounty if you can make a match.
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Toys of Christmas Past

Take a trip down memory lane and check out vintage toys posted as Wants on FyndIt. These throwback toys most likely made it in Santa’s gift bag many Christmas Eve’s ago.

Back in the 1950s, Santa probably had this Roy Rogers figurine on his list to deliver to good little cowboys and cowgirls.



Here’s a vintage Disney toy from the 1960’s. Disneykins are a unique brand of miniature hand painted plastic figureines manufactured by the Marx Toy Company from 1961 to 1973. One of our FyndIt members is looking for a Disneykins Box Set in mint condition.


A tea set is a classic gift for a little girl regardless of what decade it is.  Created by Mattel, this POP 26-piece tea set, delighted many little girls on Christmas morning during the 1980s.


From the Star Wars Micro Collection is the Death Star World Action playset. Made by in 1982 by Kenner, this rare toy was comprised of the smaller Death Star Escape and Death Star Compactor sets. During the 1980’s, kids hoped to find this gift wrapped up under the Christmas tree.


Check our listings to see if you can help FyndIt members track down the rare and hard-to-find toys listed above. If you know where to find one of the items, post your Find with a picture, description and price point. If your item is a match and accepted  by the Wanter, you will earn the bounty reward.

Perhaps during your childhood there was a present that you asked Santa for that never showed up under the Christmas tree. Now that you are an adult, you can go out and buy that toy that you longed for. Not sure where to look for it? Turn to FyndIt, our community of Finders can help you locate it.

Want of the Week – December 16, 2013

The Want of the Week for December 16, 2013 includes several titles for a children’s storybook character created in the 1970’s by a collective group of illustrators.

The Wanter is looking for five titles published in Spanish. They are willing to pay a bounty of $0.50 for each book found at the price specified.

If you are a book worm who knows where to get good deals on children’s books and can locate titles from the Teo series, click on the listings below and try to make a match for a small bounty reward.

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