FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest Week 4 Finalist!

Congratulations to BigFatMama5 for qualifying as the Week 4 finalist in FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest!

Her Want for a Kellog’s Star Fox Video Game Watch from the 1990’s scored the most points during the last week of FyndIt’s TMNT contest. FyndIt is a service that helps people locate hard-to-find collectibles. BigFatMama5 posted her Want in hopes that someone can help her track down a very special Star Fox watch that was only redeemable through Kellog’s cereal company with two proofs of purchase and a small fee for shipping and handling. There are several Star Fox watches from the 1990’s that are listed on eBay, but these watches were released by Nelsonic after the Kellog’s promotion and they have a different button interface. If you know where to locate a working Kellog’s Star Fox watch from the 1990’s online or in a store, help BigFatMama5 rescue her most prized possession from her long lost childhood! Click here to post your Find and if it’s the watch she’s looking for, you could earn a nice bounty reward for your efforts!


Help other collectors find rare or elusive memorabilia by clicking on the Wants and checking out the listings. You never know, you could Find something someone is looking for and earn some money by helping them out!

Now that all of the weekly finalists have been selected for FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest, the judges are busy reviewing the ┬ácontest entries and will be announcing a Grand Prize winner of the near mint CGC TMNT #1 comic signed by Eastman and Laird soon. Stay tuned…