Most Wanted Superhero Board Games at FyndIt

Remember the old days when people actually sat around a table and played board games together? Nowadays, we’re all glued to our phones playing Candy Crush and other addicting online games. Sure, you can send gifts and requests to your friends and interact with them virtually, but there’s nothing like sitting down face to face and challenging them to some friendly competition.  One of our FyndIt members is keeping the power of real life social games alive by collecting and playing vintage superhero board games with friends. At FyndIt, we help people track down hard to find items. Can you help locate these superhero games from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Find these board games for the price and condition specified and earn a nice bounty reward for your efforts!

Marvel Superheroes Board Game








Superman Board Game








Marvel Comics Superheroes Board Game







Batman Swoops Down Board Game








Wonder Woman Board Game







Superman & Superboy Board Game








Batman Board Game







Find these vintage board games and other Wants at FyndIt and earn money helping others find stuff!

Classic Christmas Comic Covers

Tis’ the season! FyndIt members have been scouring the internet and shops for cool Christmas Finds and posting them to our site.

Here’s a collection of Christmas Comics found on FyndIt. See something you like? Click on the Want It button to find out where to locate it.

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Check out other Christmas comic book covers on our Pinterest page.

Want of the Week – CGC Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8

Comic book collectors post Wants to FyndIt in hopes that our community of Finders will help them track down a hard-to-find issues at an affordable price.

This week’s Want of the Week is for a Marvel’s Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 comic book. The FyndIt member is looking for a CGC near mint copy of the first appearance of Venom.


If you know where to find a copy of the comic in the condition specified, post your Find to our site. If it’s what the Wanter is looking for, they will accept your match and pay you a bounty reward for your efforts! Bounties can easily be cashed out with PayPal. Yes, it’s true…you really can earn money helping others find comics.

Take a gander at other Wants listed to our website and see how many bounty rewards you can rack up. All of us could use a little extra money! Try your had at finding stuff at FyndIt!

Vintage Halloween Costumes

FyndIt is a place people go to post great and unusual Finds for others to discover. With Halloween quickly approaching one of our members has put together a collection of vintage children’s Halloween costumes from the 1970’s and 1980’s. If you are looking for a costume to dress your little one up in that will stand out at the Halloween party, think about choosing a retro costume from your own childhood. Your kid will most likely be the only one trick-or-treating in a vintage costume in the neighborhood. There is still time to get that throwback costume shipped to your door before the celebration kicks off on the 31st!










FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest Week 2 Finalist!

Congratulations to our Week 2 Mean, Green TMNT Contest finalist, UWComics for his qualifying Want Hulk Hopper Ball!

This vintage Incredible Hulk toy is so rare that our member was not even able to find a photo of it! The photo of the Spider-Man hopper is as close of an example as he could find. UWComic’s Want is going to be a challenge for our community of Finders! Do you have the skills to track down this extremely rare toy?

The weekly contest finalist is looking to spend between $25 and $150 to purchase the 1978 Hulk Hopper. If you know where to find this rare Marvel toy, make sure to click on the Want Hulk Hopper Ball and post your Find. If your Find is accepted as a match, you could earn a sweet $15 bounty reward!


There are many other bounty rewards to be claimed on FyndIt! Check out the most recent Want listings and see if you can earn money helping others find collectibles.

FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest runs through August 16th! Don’t miss out on the comic book that inspired the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie! You still have two more weeks to enter to win a CGC near mint first issue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book signed by creators Eastman and Laird worth $10,000.


Post your best Want or Find to try and get your hands on the Grand Prize! Each week the judges will choose a weekly finalist. At the end of the contest, the judges will choose a Grand Prize winner out of the four weekly finalists. You still have a chance to win this awesome TMNT comic! Enter the contest here.

X-Men Comic Contest Top Wants – Week 1

There were a lot of great Want and Find entries posted for FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest during week one of the contest! It’s so interesting to check out what kind of items Wanters are searching for and also discover the unique and cool items Finders have come across.

Wants are items posted to FyndIt by people who are having a hard time finding the item online or in stores for the condition and price that they want it in. Instead of having to proactively look for something, a Wanter can post an item to FyndIt and offer a small bounty reward for someone else to find it for them. So instead of just one person looking for a hard-to-find item, there is a whole community of people searching for it. FyndIt lets Wanters save time and money by enlisting the help of others.

Free Comic Book Day 2014 was held on May 3rd during the first week of our X-Men contest. One of the contest participants submitted a Want for a complete set of Free Comic Book Day Comics 2014. They are willing to pay a bounty reward of $5.00 to the Finder who can help connect them with a comic book lover who is willing to generously part with a complete set of FCBD2014 comics for the sake of helping some kids out by filling in their missing comics. If you know happen to be in the know of where you could locate this specific comic request, make sure to click on the Want link and post your Find.

Another great X-Men contest entry during the first week was a Want submitted for The Amazing Spider-Man GameStop variant comic in near mint condition. This exclusive Spidey variant cover can only be purchased through GameStop with PowerUp Rewards.  GameStop rewards are collected by purchasing items on their website.  You can’t buy the variant comic directly from GameStop with cash, you have to also apply your reward points. The print was also a limited  run of 6,000 copies. The FyndIt member would like to try and find a near mint copy for around $150.00. They are willing to pay a $20.00 bounty reward to whoever can find a copy for the price and condition specified.

With a nod to retro gaming systems, an X-Men contest participant submitted a Want for an original Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set. They are looking for a NES console in the original box in good working condition for around $75.00. A bounty reward of $10.00 has been offered to the person who can find this NES console for the condition and price specified. Know where to get retro gaming consoles for an affordable price?


Nintendo Entertainment System wanted on FyndIt. Image via Google Images


Click on any of the Top Wants for week one of FyndIt’s X-Men Comic Contest and see if you can track down any of these hard-to-find items. You’ll feel good about helping others find unusual stuff and it won’t hurt to earn money while you are at it if your Find is accepted as a match.  There are plenty of other items wanted on FyndIt. Check out the most recent Want listings and see if you can find stuff!

FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest runs through Sunday, June 1st! Enter for your chance to win a set of CGC mint Uncanny X-Men #141 and #143 comic books signed by Stan Lee! Check out the contest rules and FAQs.

Spider-Man Collectibles Wanted on FyndIt!

Are you a Spider-Man fan and know where to find Spidey comics and collectibles? If so, you could earn some money helping comic collectors locate memorabilia on FyndIt.

Members on FyndIt are currently searching for Spider-Man comics, rare action figures and vintage board games. Take a look at the items listed and if you know where to find it, you could earn a bounty reward if your Find is accepted as a match by the collector.

Bounty rewards can be anywhere from $0.50 to $20.00 or more! Easily cash out your bounty rewards with PayPal. What better way to make money than to cruise the internet and shops for cool collectibles? Check out the Spider-Man Comics & Memorabilia listed below and see if you can earn some money!


Find The Amazing Spider-Man #40 and earn $2.00 at FyndIt if your match is accepted as a match. Image via Google Images.



Find a 1980 Spider-Man Hulk Captain America Metal Lunchbox and earn $2.00 at FyndIt if your item is accepted as match. Image via Google Images.



Find this rare Spider-Man Japanese action figure by MEGO and earn $7.00 if your match is accepted. Image via Google Images.



Find this 1967 Milton Bradley Amazing Spider-Man Board Game and earn $2.00 if your match is accepted. Image via Google Images.


Get the FAQs on FyndIt and earn money helping others find collectibles or get help from our community tracking down a hard-to-find-collectible. Check out other items listed as Wants on FyndIt and see if you can find a match.