Mad Max Movie Memorabilia

Action adventure movie fans are excited about the fourth installment of Mad Max: Fury Road hitting theaters today.

The first Mad Max movie about a dystopian future set in the Outback starring Mel Gibson was released back in 1979. Sweet deals on several decades of Mad Max Movie Memorabilia have been located by our community of Finders.

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1979 Original Release MAD MAX Daybill


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1979 Original Mad Max Movie Poster 27″ x 41″


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1979 MAD MAX Set of 8 Lobby Cards 11″ x 14″


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MAD MAX 2 The Road Warrior Poster Signed

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Interceptor/Enemy Car 1/43 (Twin Model Set)


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MAD MAX 2 ROAD WARRIOR 2015 Limited Edition Poster


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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Double Film Cell Display


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Want of the Week – 1935 Phantom Empire Movie Lobby Card

Lobby cards were a form of picture show advertising in the early 20th century in movie theaters. They were smaller than the standard movie poster and often displayed on an easel in the front lobby of the theater. They generally came in sets of six or eight and depicted different scenes from the featured film.

A FyndIt member is searching for a lobby card for the 1935 American Western film The Phantom Empire. This twelve chapter musical was a crossover between western and science-fiction genres. They have posted a Want for The Phantom Empire lobby card to FyndIt and are asking the community to help them track down an original copy in good shape. They have exhausted their resources online and are specifically looking for help searching local collectible stores all over the world.


Are you familiar with movie memorabilia or know of a store in your local area that carries lobby cards? Help our member track down a rare piece of western movie history! If you are lucky enough to discover a Phantom Empire lobby card, take a photo of it and post it to our site as a Find. In the description specify the condition and price of the lobby card. You will also need to note the address of the store or contact information for the seller. The location of the item will be kept secret until the Wanter accepts your item as a match. Upon approval you will earn a bounty reward for your knowledge and efforts!

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Want of the Week – 1975 The Game of JAWS

In the 1970’s the movie JAWS terrorized surfers and beach goers everywhere. You couldn’t dip a toe into the ocean without thinking about a great white shark attack.


This week’s Want of the Week is for a 1975 Ideal Toys The Game of Jaws. This vintage game is now a hot collectors item. One of our FyndIt members is searching for this game with the original box and all of the original game pieces for $65 or under. Can you help find this vintage JAWS game? If so, you could earn a couple of bucks for your effort if your Find is accepted as a match.

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