Want of the Week: Marvel Legends 2008 Classic Hulk Green Variant Action Figure

An Incredible Hulk fan is searching for a special green variant of Marvel Legends Classic Hulk action figure from the Build-A-Figure Fin Fang Foom Series. Can you help a fellow toy collector out?

Locate this 2008 BAF Marvel Legends Classic Hulk Action Figure and earn a small bounty reward. If the member accepts your toy as a match, you’ll earn the reward and the location of the Hulk action figure will be revealed to the Wanter.

Image via comiccollectorlive.com

Image via comiccollectorlive.com

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Want of the Week – CGC Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8

Comic book collectors post Wants to FyndIt in hopes that our community of Finders will help them track down a hard-to-find issues at an affordable price.

This week’s Want of the Week is for a Marvel’s Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 comic book. The FyndIt member is looking for a CGC near mint copy of the first appearance of Venom.


If you know where to find a copy of the comic in the condition specified, post your Find to our site. If it’s what the Wanter is looking for, they will accept your match and pay you a bounty reward for your efforts! Bounties can easily be cashed out with PayPal. Yes, it’s true…you really can earn money helping others find comics.

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Captain America Comics & Memorabilia

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters this week on April 4th. Marvel’s latest superhero movie teams Captain America and the Black Widow against the formidable enemy the Winter Soldier.

Captain America’s character first appeared back in the 1940’s. He is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, who ingested an experimental serum to enhance his physical abilities to aid in the United States efforts to win WWII. Captain America is a patriotic superhero loved by many over the decades.

There are collectors on FyndIt looking for several specific Captain America comic books and memorabilia items. FyndIt is a service that brings together people who are looking for stuff with people who know where to locate hard-to-find collectors items online and in stores. If you are someone who knows where to find Captain America collectibles, check out some of the comics listed below and see if you can locate them for a bounty reward. That’s right, help others find comics and earn money!

How do I make money surfing the web or window shopping for collectibles? Click on the comic covers below to check out the Captain America Wants on FyndIt. If you see something and know where to find it, add a Find with a picture and description of the item. The location of the item will be kept secret until the collector accepts your match. Once your Find is accepted, the location of the item will be revealed to the Wanter and the bounty reward will be transferred to your FyndIt account. It is super easy and secure to cash out FyndIt credit with your PayPal account.

Get started finding Captain America stuff and earning money, click on the comic covers!


Captain America Comics #36 – The Blood of Dr. Necrosis – Bounty Reward $3.0


Captain America Comics #26 – The Princess of the Atom: Part 2 – Bounty Reward $3.00

Captain America #109 Origin Issue - Bounty Reward $2.00

Captain America #109 Origin Issue – Bounty Reward $2.00

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Match of the Week – January 6, 2014

The Match of the Week for January 6th, is a copy of The Avengers Annual #10, volume 1. This is a first appearance issue by Rogue. A member on FyndIt posted the Want and specified that they were looking for a CGC fine graded issue of 7.0 or better for a listing price of $20.

Our Rogue fan was in luck! A Finder made a match for the exact grade and price requested.  Another happy customer on FyndIt!


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