Thirteen Finds For Friday the 13th

Chh, chh, chh…ahh, ahh, ahh. Don’t go near Crystal Lake! Jason Voorhees is on the prowl and he’s sharpened his machete in honor of Friday the 13th. Here’s a list of thirteen Finds found on FyndIt.

1. Friday the 13th Crystal Lake Statue

crystallakeSeriously, don’t go into the woods. Even if that cute camp Counselor you’ve been crushing on asks you to meet out at the lake after dark.

2. 2014 San Diego Comic Con Jason Voorhees Action Figure


3. Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Garden Gnome

member.120000028.trial.image.41229a508e98548f08209fafbf76eebeWhy is this thing so disturbing? Maybe it’s because Garden Gnomes are supposed to be jolly and not cold blooded killers.

4. Original Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Painting Signed by Kane Hodder


5. Authentic 1980 Friday the 13th Movie Poster


6. Friday the 13th Part Six Jason Voorhees Life-Sized Bust


7. Friday the 13th Autographed Comic Book


8. 2013 San Diego Comic Con NECA NES Exclusive 8-Bit Jason Voorhees Video Game Action Figure

member.120000028.trial.image.85c5f6d11756729144822e231b520edfThis is one of those cases where the packaging might be more awesome than the actual toy.

9. Collection of Six High-Quality Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Horror Masks


Because one is just not enough. You’ve got to have other color options to accessorize your mask with your blood-stained outfit.

10. 7-Foot Tall Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Lawn Ornament


Give the neighbors something to talk about. Proudly display this blown up killer on Halloween and the occasional Friday the 13th. If you really have a sick sense of humor, you could stick it next to the reindeer during the holiday season.

11. Sideshow Exclusive Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Action Figure


Woah, we like you better with the hockey mask on.

12. Scalers Collectible Mini Series 1 Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th



So, how is it that a mass murderer can look so cute dangling on a cord?

13. Jason Voorhees Horror Baby Doll


This is NOT cute…at all. Nope. Just no. No. Very much a big NO on this one.

Collectible Comic Book Statues Wanted on FyndIt

FyndIt is a great place for collectors to turn to when they are having difficulties tracking down sold out limited edition comic book statues. If you are having troubles locating a collectible, post your Want to our website and our community of Finders will help track the item down for you. You can specify the price and the item’s conditon that you are looking for. Finders will post Finds to your Want for you to review. If you see something that works and is within your budget, click to accept the item and pay a small bounty reward to find out the location of the item. The Finder will supply you with directions where to find it online or in a store for you to purchase directly from the seller. What’s it worth to you to find that sold out statue you have been hunting for? Let the FyndIt community help get it in your hands and up on your display shelf where it belongs! Click here to get started with creating an account at FyndIt and posting your first Want.

Here are a couple of comic book statues that are currently listed on our site as Wants. Try your hand at finding one of them and see if you can earn the bounty reward if your item is accepted as a match.

RARE Captain America Vs Red Skull Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Statue – Bounty Reward $10

Description: The Captain America VS Red Skull poly-stone diorama captures the critical moment in battle between these two sworn enemies, facing one another on a curving stone staircase inside a Nazi stronghold. Originally limited to only 600 worldwide. It stands over 12 inches in height, 16 inches in width at its widest point, and 13 inches in depth. Looking for one in very good to near mint condition with the original box. Please no auction format. Only looking to purchase buy nows at $500 or less. Yes, I realize the amount posted is a long shot since these are going for upwards of $700 or more, but that’s why I’ve included a $10 bounty reward if you can help me find one for $500.


DC Comics Collectibles Bombshells Poison Ivy Statue – Bounty Reward $2

Description: Looking to expand my DC Comics Bombshells collection and stay within my budget.


Superman Vault Statue – Bounty Reward $2

Description: 1:12 scale. Exclusive Man of Steel statue from DC Collectibles. Wanted new in box.


Army of Darkness 10th Anniversary Statue – Bounty Reward $10

Description: Diamond Select Army of Darkness anniversary statue. Must be in good condition. Would love to have the box too.


DC Direct Black and White Batman Statue – Bounty Reward $10

Description: This is a very limited batman statue, from DC Direct, based on Mike Mignola’s artwork on batman. It was sculpted by Jonathan Matthews.

You really can make money at FyndIt helping others track down comics and collectibles. All of those bounty rewards add up and they can easily be cashed out with your PayPal account. Get help looking for stuff or start making money finding items for others at FyndIt!

Find of the Week – January 6, 2014

The Find of the Week for January 6th, is a horror comic released by EC Comics in the 1950’s titled The Haunt of Fear #17. Filled with zombies, witches, crypt keepers and things that go bump in the night, this horror series was snuffed out by the comics code in the late 1950’s.

The comic code was put into place over the growing concern about the negative effects depictions of gratuitous violence in comics was having on the youth readership. The code was created by comic publishers as an alternative to government regulation over the content published in comic books. Publishers would submit comics to the association for review and if the story line and illustrations met the code, it was given the seal of approval by the Comics Code Authority.

Horror comics such as The Haunt of Fear, had to cancel their publications after the comic code was put into place, because comic characters of the likes of vampires, zombies and werewolves were considered too gruesome and violent for the comic book audience. After the 1950’s, horror comics all but disappeared, that is until the code was completely dropped by all comic publications in the 2010’s.

A FyndIt member has located a very good copy of The Haunt of Fear #17 with a CGC universal grade of 4.5. If you are a zombie lover, horror fan or pre-code comic collector don’t miss out on finding out where to get this vintage horror collectors comic.


Finds For Five – Comic Books

There are several Wants on FyndIt with a $5.00 bounty reward. Try your luck and see if you can hunt down a Find for five.  If your Find is accepted by the Wanter, then you could walk away with a pocket full of money. All you need is an email address to create a FyndIt account and you are on your way to earning booty for tracking down hidden treasures.

FyndIt is a service that connects people who want stuff with the people who know where to find it.

When a member needs help looking for an item, they post a picture and description of it to the Want section on FyndIt. If the description and desired price of the item are matched by a Finder, the Find is accepted and a bounty reward is paid in exchange for the item’s location.

See if you can locate the following comic book Wants on FyndIt and if you can make a match, earn $5.00!

 detectivecomics233 Detective Comics #233 wanted for a maximum price of $270, CGC certified in very good condition 3.5 to 5.0+.
 TMNT1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic Book Volume 1 #1 wanted for a maximum price of $300, CGC certified in fine condition 5.0+.
 eeriecomics1 Eerie Comics #1 wanted for a maximum price of $280 in good condition 1.8+.
Try your hand at finding comic book collector items on FyndIt! If you can make a match you might earn $.50, $1.00, $5.00 or MORE!

Match of the Week – December 30, 2013

The last Match of the Week for 2013, is a 1980’s collectible Gremlins movie board game. Scooter, one of our FyndIt members posted the board game as a Want and offered to pay a small bounty to the person who could help find the item in the condition specified. Luckily for Scooter, one of our members knew where to find Gremlins memorabilia! Scooter is happy because he found his game and the Finder is happy to walk away a few dollars richer by helping someone.


Check out other vintage board games wanted by memorabilia collectors on FyndIt.

Want of the Week – December 30, 2013

roguestatue The Want of the Week for December 30th, is a limited-edition Sideshow Exclusive Rogue statue. The collector would like to find one in excellent used condition with the original box. They are willing to pay a $4.00 reward to anyone who can help find this statue listed on sale for $300 or less. Do you know where to locate one? Earn the bounty if you can make a match.
Check out other statues wanted by comic book memorabilia collectors on FyndIt. If you know where to find these items, you could earn some spending money.ash_10thanniversary_statbombshellsivysupermanstatue2