Want of the Week – Women’s Joan & David Cowboy Boots

Do you have a knack for finding vintage fashions, shoes and accessories? Fashionistas from all over need help finding classic looks in just the right size!

FyndIt member Danica is searching for a pair of black leather Joan & David cowboy boots in a women’s size 10 American or 41 European. Can you help her track down this amazing pair of boots?! If so, post your Find to FyndIt and if your shoes are a match, you’ll earn a $15 bounty reward for helping her find them.

Image via FyndIt user.

Image via FyndIt user.

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Find of the Week – Vintage Fossil Special Edition Superman Watch



The Find of the Week is a special edition vintage Fossil Superman watch with telephone booth bank. Produced in 1993, this second edition to the Superman collection, depicts comic art from the golden era of America’s #1 superhero. Captured in mid-flight, Superman adorns the face of the watch. It comes packaged in a miniature telephone booth, an appropriate changing spot for Clark Kent.

FyndIt member mikestang99 has posted the 1993 rare vintage Fossil Superman watch with telephone to the site as a Find. If you are a Superman collector or in the market for a handsome watch, don’t miss out on this opportunity to find out where to get it. As most collectors know, this watch only comes up for sale from time to time and there are currently none available for sale on eBay. Click here to get your own collectible Superman timepiece complete with telephone booth.

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Seeking Fashion Finders

FyndIt is a new service that helps people find stuff. It brings people who want stuff together with the people who know where to find it online or in stores.

There are members on FyndIt called Wanters who need help tracking down particular articles of clothing. They are willing to pay money to the person who finds the item they are looking for within the specified price and time frame.

If you are a saavy fashionista who knows where to shop for all of the latest trends and vintage clothing, you could earn money by helping other people locate apparel online and in stores.

Check out the Wants on FyndIt for clothing and accessories wanted by our members. Search for the items online or in a store. When you locate an item grab a snapshot and post a reply Find for the Wanter to review. If your item is a good match, the Wanter will pay you the pre-set bounty reward in exchange for the item’s location.

Put your fierce fashion finding skills to work and earn a pocketful of money for shopping sprees! To find out what types of fashion items people are looking for at FyndIt, check out the women’s fashion category. See if you can track down any of the items listed and earn a little extra spending money while you are at it.

Here are a couple of fashion items listed by Wanters on FyndIt.


Sold out Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade lace-back sweatshirt in a size large or extra large. The member is offering a bounty of $5.00 to the person who can locate one of these hard-to-find sweatshirts.


A beautiful size one Moncler coat to battle the frosty winter chill. The Wanter is willing to pay a $5.00 bounty to the Finder who can provide a match for the coat shown in the picture.


Matching His and Hers Dios de los Muertos rings with a bounty of $5.00.