Want of the Week – Walking Dead Comic Book Variants From Wizard World 2015 Con

Image via FyndIt user.

Image via FyndIt user.

A Walking Dead fan has turned to FyndIt for assistance in locating The Walking Dead comic book variants that were made available for purchase at the Wizard World con held in Philadelphia in 2015. She is looking for both black and white variants in near mint condition located for pick up in or around Phenix City, Alabama. If you know where to score these special Walking Dead comic variants, click here to post your Find! If your Find is accepted as a match, you’ll earn a bounty reward.

Do you have a knack for locating hard-to-find comics and collectibles online and in stores? FyndIt members need your help! You can earn money finding collectibles and memorabilia or really…just about anything people are looking for at FyndIt. All you have to do is post a photo of the item, describe its condition and name the price and location. If it’s what they are looking for, you could pocket a bounty reward worth $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $25.00 or more!

All you need is a valid email address, PayPal account so that you can collect your bounty rewards and a knack for finding stuff! Sign up for your free FyndIt account and start making money helping others find stuff!

Classic Christmas Comic Covers

Tis’ the season! FyndIt members have been scouring the internet and shops for cool Christmas Finds and posting them to our site.

Here’s a collection of Christmas Comics found on FyndIt. See something you like? Click on the Want It button to find out where to locate it.

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Check out other Christmas comic book covers on our Pinterest page.

Want of the Week – CGC Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8

Comic book collectors post Wants to FyndIt in hopes that our community of Finders will help them track down a hard-to-find issues at an affordable price.

This week’s Want of the Week is for a Marvel’s Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 comic book. The FyndIt member is looking for a CGC near mint copy of the first appearance of Venom.


If you know where to find a copy of the comic in the condition specified, post your Find to our site. If it’s what the Wanter is looking for, they will accept your match and pay you a bounty reward for your efforts! Bounties can easily be cashed out with PayPal. Yes, it’s true…you really can earn money helping others find comics.

Take a gander at other Wants listed to our website and see how many bounty rewards you can rack up. All of us could use a little extra money! Try your had at finding stuff at FyndIt!

FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest Week 4 Finalist!

Congratulations to BigFatMama5 for qualifying as the Week 4 finalist in FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest!

Her Want for a Kellog’s Star Fox Video Game Watch from the 1990’s scored the most points during the last week of FyndIt’s TMNT contest. FyndIt is a service that helps people locate hard-to-find collectibles. BigFatMama5 posted her Want in hopes that someone can help her track down a very special Star Fox watch that was only redeemable through Kellog’s cereal company with two proofs of purchase and a small fee for shipping and handling. There are several Star Fox watches from the 1990’s that are listed on eBay, but these watches were released by Nelsonic after the Kellog’s promotion and they have a different button interface. If you know where to locate a working Kellog’s Star Fox watch from the 1990’s online or in a store, help BigFatMama5 rescue her most prized possession from her long lost childhood! Click here to post your Find and if it’s the watch she’s looking for, you could earn a nice bounty reward for your efforts!


Help other collectors find rare or elusive memorabilia by clicking on the Wants and checking out the listings. You never know, you could Find something someone is looking for and earn some money by helping them out!

Now that all of the weekly finalists have been selected for FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest, the judges are busy reviewing the  contest entries and will be announcing a Grand Prize winner of the near mint CGC TMNT #1 comic signed by Eastman and Laird soon. Stay tuned…


FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest

Have you ever wanted to own a signed, near mint copy of the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but couldn’t get your hands on one because there were only 3,000 of them released? We’ll here’s an opportunity to win this rare and highly sought-after comic!

Enter to win FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest,  and if your entry qualifies as the Grand Prize winner, you could take home a CGC 9.6 graded first print TMNT #1 comic book signed by the creators! The certificate of authenticity states that this particular  comic was available only through a special promotion signing at “TURTLEMANIA” run by Metropolis and Robert Wilson in 1986 and is signed and remastered with a head sketch by creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.



1. Read the official contest rules and click Accept.
2. Register a username and create a password.
3. Verify your email so we know that you’re not an evil overlord or mutated animal.
4. Post an interesting Want or Find to enter the contest.

What exactly is FyndIt you ask? We are a community of collectors that help each other find great stuff like comics, memorabilia, toys – you name it! FyndIt members known as Wanters post a WANT – a hard-to-find collectible they’re looking for and offer a bounty reward to whoever can help them locate their item. Finders go out and search for the item online or in a store and post their found item as a FIND. If the Wanter accepts the Find as a match, then the Finder earns some money for their efforts and the location of the item is revealed to the Wanter. The Finder is stoked because they just made money off of helping someone find collectibles, and the Wanter is excited because they were finally able to track down that item they’ve had trouble searching for. It’s a win-win situation!

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Want and a Find are, here’s some information on how your contest entry will be judged should you choose to accept the mission. There will be a total of 100 points possible for each Want or Find. Judges will consider the following criteria for the scores:

COMPLETE (15 Points): How complete is the Want or Find? Make sure to include a clear photo, helpful description,choose a category for your item, list the price and set the bounty reward if it is a Want.

MEANINGFUL TITLE (15 Points): Does your post include a meaningful title? For example, “Comic” is not an especially helpful title. “Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 CGC Near Mint” is a very helpful title. The more meaningful your title is, the higher your entry will score.

AWESOME DESCRIPTION (55 Points): Describe what the item is and what era it comes from. Make sure to include the condition of the item. If you’re posting a Want, it is good to give a back story on the item you are looking for and an explanation of why you want it. If you are posting a Find, you’ll need to describe the item in detail and convince the Wanter that your Find is the best match. The more helpful and interesting your description is, the higher your entry score will be.

UNIQUE OR DIFFICULT TO FIND (15 Points): Is your Want or Find something which could be considered hard for someone to locate? A greater difficulty in locating the Want or Find will result in a higher score.


FyndIt’s Mean, Green Contest will run from July 20, 2014 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) to August 16th, 2014 at 11:59 pm PDT. There will be four entry weeks July 20-26, July 27 – August 2,  August 3-9 and August 10-16. You can enter as many times as you wish during the Entry Period, but only one entry per day. If you make more than one entry in a given day, only the first entry will be accepted.

We will select the most interesting Want or Find submitted during the Entry Week as the Weekly Finalists.  Weekly Finalists will qualify to receive the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will be announced after August 19th.

Check out the Contest FAQs and tips for posting a Winning Want and a Winning Find.

Good luck and may the best WANT or FIND win FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest! Enter the contest here.

FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest – Week 5 Winner!

We can’t believe our five week long X-Men Comic Contest has already come to an end! Time flies when you are giving out free X-Men comics.

Congratulations to FyndIt member t1m8omatas for submitting the winning Want, Public Defender In Action #9 for week five of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest.

Public Defender in Action was a comic book previously published under the title Police Trap by Charlton Publishing in 1955. Starting with issue #6 the title changed to Public Defender in Action. The comic released six additional issues. The series follows the work of Richard Manning as he defends the guilty and innocent who cannot afford a lawyer.

Want: Public Defender In Action #9
Description: I’m looking for #9 of this series to help complete my run. I am a public defender by trade, and I have the other issues framed and displayed in my office. I have been a comic collector since I was 6 years old, and this title is the perfect marriage of my childhood and adult life.
Desired Price: $50.00 to $100.00
Bounty Reward: $5.00

FyndIt is a site that helps connect people who are looking for rare comic books with the people who know where to find them. If you have a knack for finding collectibles online, in brick and mortar stores or directly from dealers, make sure to cruise the FyndIt website for Wants to see if you can locate rare and elusive comic book memorabilia. Earn money finding comics at Fyndit!

Help our FyndIt member locate the elusive Public Defender In Action #9 comic book and earn yourself a $5.00 bounty reward if your Find is accepted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest. We will be announcing the grand prize winner of the contest later this week! Stay tuned…

X-Men Comic Contest Top Wants – Week 3

Last week we saw another great round of Want and Find entries submitted to FyndIt for our Classic X-Men Comic Contest. If you were not able to get your contest entry in or haven’t heard about our X-Men contest yet, you still have more opportunities to enter and participate in the contest up to June 1st!

FyndIt is a site that helps connect people who want stuff with the people who know where to find it. We bring collectors together to assist each other in locating rare and elusive comic book memorabilia. If you have a knack for finding collectibles online, in stores or perhaps directly from dealers, you could earn a bounty reward for your time and effort helping someone track down a hard-to-find comic or collector’s piece.

What is a Want? Well…it’s exactly just that! Something that someone can’t seem to find, but really, really want to have in their possession. There are tons of Wants listed by the comic book community on FyndIt. Let’s take a look at some of the top Wants submitted for the X-Men Comic Contest in the last week. See if you can locate any of the Wants, post a Find and if your match is accepted, you could walk away with a bounty reward. Real, actual money for helping others out.

Wanted: Captain Britain, Vol. 1 #8 Marvel Comic Book
Description: Looking for the first appearance of Psylocke in good condition.
Price Wanted: $50.00
Bounty Reward: $10.00 (You could win this if your Find is accepted!)

Image via marvel.wikia.com

Image via marvel.wikia.com

Wanted: DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins Series 1: Batman Action Figure
Description: Where it all began. Grounded in designs of the 3rd installment of the Batman Arkham video game series, the Batman Arkham Origins Series 1 Batman Action Figure stands about 6 3/4-inches tall, with the Caped Crusader’s appearance based on the early days, before the events of critically acclaimed video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.
Price Wanted: $25.00
Bounty Reward: $10.00 (You could win this if your Find is accepted!)


Wanted: 1979 Hot Cycle Superman Ride-On
Description: Looking for a vintage Hot Wheels (Hot Cycle) Superman children’s bike in fair to excellent condition.
Price Wanted: $200.00
Bounty Reward: $8.00 (You could win this if your Find is accepted.)

Image via Google Images

Image via Google Images

Click on any of the Top Wants for week three of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest and see if you can track down any of these hard-to-find collectibles. You’ll feel good about helping others find unusual stuff… AND it won’t hurt to earn money if your Find is accepted as a match!  There are plenty of other comic memorabilia items wanted on FyndIt. Check out the most recent Want listings and see if you can find stuff!

FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest runs through Sunday, June 1st! Enter for your chance to win a set of CGC mint Uncanny X-Men #141 and #143 comic books signed by Stan Lee! Check out the contest rules and FAQs.

FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest – Week 3 Winner!

We are sending a big shout out to everyone who participated in week three of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Contest! There were many great Wants and Finds submitted last week.

We are very excited to announce the week three winner of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Contest. Congratulations to UWComics who entered the winning Want Sure Fire Comics #2! Our winner collects a subgroup of golden age comics depicting underwater scenes on the comic cover. UWComics has been collecting underwater comics for over thirty years and is searching for a solid copy of Sure Fire Comics #2 to complete their collection.

Image via coverbrowser.com.

Image via coverbrowser.com.

If you know where to find this rare comic, log onto FyndIt and post your Find. If UWComics accepts your match, you could earn a bounty reward for locating the underwater comic in the condition and price wanted! Helping people find stuff is fun and those rewards really start to add up after a while. It’s super easy to cash out your FyndIt rewards through PayPal.

If you didn’t catch the third week of our contest, you still have two more weeks to enter to win a set of The Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142 comics! They are both CGC professionally graded near-mint copies. Post your best Want or Find to try and get your hands on a comic book prize.

Entering FyndIt’s X-Men Comic Contest is easy! Read the contest rules and click Accept. Create a username and password at FyndIt. Verify your email so that we know you are not a mutant. Create and post your most interesting WANT or FIND. Don’t forget to add a photo, description, price wanted and a bounty to your contest entry.

The contest runs till June 1st. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win the Marvel comics that inspired the upcoming X-Men movie Days of Future Past!

Check out the X-Men Contest FAQs for more information.

Collectible 1965 Aurora Batman Model Wanted on FyndIt

Are you a Batman fan and know where to find Batman comics and collectibles? If so, you could earn money helping comic collectors track down memorabilia on FyndIt.

Collector’s post hard-to-find items to our website and offer bounty rewards to people who can help them find their stuff in good condition for a reasonable price. You could make money as a Finder on FyndIt if the items you locate are accepted as a match. Bounty rewards can be anywhere from $0.50 to $50.00 or more! Easily cash out your bounty rewards with PayPal.

A FyndIt member is looking for a 1965 Batman Model Kit produced by Aurora and is willing to pay between $150 and $250 for a completed statue. If you can help this vintage Batman model, you could earn a $5.00 bounty reward if your match is accepted.



If you are already into collecting comics and memorabilia, you probably have a good idea where to find some  stuff. Check out other Batman Memorabilia wanted on FyndIt and see if you can track down collectibles and earn money.


FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest – Week 2 Winner!

Week two of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest brought in a fantastic comic book Want! This week’s winner is a great example of the unique type of comic book memorabilia collectors post to FyndIt in order to get help tracking down what they are looking for.

Congratulations to FyndIt member KMD181 for posting the winning Want Tales to Astonish #27 Cover!


In the 1960’s, Marvel published Tales to Astonish volume one which mainly featured creature and horror stories. Number 27 of the series featured the first apperance of Hank Pym as “The Man in the Ant-Hill”. Hank also appeared in issue 35 as Ant-Man. Our weekly winner, KMD181 is searching for original cover art Tales to Astonish #27 in fine condition. They already own a copy of the comic, but are specifically looking for a cover to use for restoration. Read KMD181’s interesting backstory about how they acquired the collectible comic without the cover.

The weekly contest winner is looking to spend around $300.00 to purchase an original Tales to Astonish #27 Cover. If you know where to find this comic cover or complete book in fine condition, make sure to click on the Want Tales to Astonish #27 Cover and post your Find. If your Find is accepted as a match, you could earn a whopping $50.00 bounty reward!


There are many other bounty rewards to be claimed on FyndIt! Check out the most recent Want listings and see if you can help find stuff!

FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest runs through Sunday, June 1st! Enter for your chance to win the grand prize set of CGC near mint Uncanny X-Men #141 and #143 comic books signed by Stan Lee! Check out the contest rules and FAQs.