Want of the Week: Marvel Legends 2008 Classic Hulk Green Variant Action Figure

An Incredible Hulk fan is searching for a special green variant of Marvel Legends Classic Hulk action figure from the Build-A-Figure Fin Fang Foom Series. Can you help a fellow toy collector out?

Locate this 2008 BAF Marvel Legends Classic Hulk Action Figure and earn a small bounty reward. If the member accepts your toy as a match, you’ll earn the reward and the location of the Hulk action figure will be revealed to the Wanter.

Image via comiccollectorlive.com

Image via comiccollectorlive.com

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Want of the Week – 1991 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord Toy

FyndIt member cvanscott is searching for a 1991-93 Original Power Rangers Dragonzord in good condition. It must include all of it’s original parts and the tail must be intact. It would be great if the original packaging was included as well, but is not a requirement.


Think you know where to find a great deal on this vintage toy? Post it to FyndIt! You can make money helping people find stuff on our site. Give it a try. Search the Wants and see what you can come up with. If your Find is accepted as a match, you could earn a nice bounty reward!

Want of the Week – 1935 Phantom Empire Movie Lobby Card

Lobby cards were a form of picture show advertising in the early 20th century in movie theaters. They were smaller than the standard movie poster and often displayed on an easel in the front lobby of the theater. They generally came in sets of six or eight and depicted different scenes from the featured film.

A FyndIt member is searching for a lobby card for the 1935 American Western film The Phantom Empire. This twelve chapter musical was a crossover between western and science-fiction genres. They have posted a Want for The Phantom Empire lobby card to FyndIt and are asking the community to help them track down an original copy in good shape. They have exhausted their resources online and are specifically looking for help searching local collectible stores all over the world.


Are you familiar with movie memorabilia or know of a store in your local area that carries lobby cards? Help our member track down a rare piece of western movie history! If you are lucky enough to discover a Phantom Empire lobby card, take a photo of it and post it to our site as a Find. In the description specify the condition and price of the lobby card. You will also need to note the address of the store or contact information for the seller. The location of the item will be kept secret until the Wanter accepts your item as a match. Upon approval you will earn a bounty reward for your knowledge and efforts!

See if you can find other movie and comic book related memorabilia posted to FyndIt by searching the Wants. It’s easy to make a couple of bucks helping others find stuff! You can easily cash out your rewards through your PayPal account.

13 Leprechaun Comic Book Covers to Jump Start St. Patrick’s Day

Why are Leprechauns so crafty? Probably because they will do anything to protect their gold at the end of the rainbow. Here’s 13 leprechaun comic book covers to get you in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Porky Pig – Scalawag Leprechaun


Image via comicvine.com

What’s up with the chain Porky? Is this some kind of Fifty Shades of Green shenanigans?

2. Blue Devil #25


Image via dc.wikia.com

Hmm…not sure who I’d want to bump into…Beelzebub or a crazy leprechaun who has shamrock flatulence issues.

3. Ralph Wiggum Comics #1


Image via puticlubq.com

Of course Ralph would have a magical leprechaun!

4. Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse #325


Image via comicvine.com

What’s Mickey doing chasing down a leprechaun for his three wishes? Doesn’t he know a few fairies, sorcerers or magic genies that could help him with that?

5. Leprechaun #1 – Limited Collector’s Edition

Image via comicvine.com

Image via comicvine.com

Seriously, dude…keep your gold. You are creeping us out!

6. Unknown Worlds #35

Image via mycomicshop.com

Image via mycomicshop.com

So that’s how they make that green St. Patrick’s Day beer!

7. Grimm Fairy Tales St. Patrick’s Day Special 2013

Image via howtoarsenio.blogspot.com

Image via howtoarsenio.blogspot.com

You sure that’s not a gremlin dressed up as a leprechaun?

8. Shazam #5


Image via dc.wikia.com

Apparently leprechauns are fast as lighting. Tricky little buggers.

9. The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #14

Image via mycomicshop.com

Image via mycomicshop.com

What’s up Doc? You’ve found my gold. Now I have to grant you three wishes. Said no leprechaun ever!

10. Blue Water Comics Leprechaun Issue #4


Image via comiccollectorlive.com

Zombie leprechauns?! Apparently this guy has watched one too many episodes of The Walking Dead.

11. All American Comics #70


Image via dc.wikia.com

Hey leprechaun…want to hop in my tuba and go for a ride?

12. Wonder Woman #14


Image via dc.wikia.com

12. Sensation Comics #75


Image via dc.wikia.com

You know all she has to do is kick her leg and that leprechaun will go flying! Leprechaun, why you gotta salt Wonder Woman’s game?

Ten Out of This World Star Trek Finds

Find something cool? Post it to FyndIt. Get paid if someone wants it!

1. 1979 MEGO Star Trek Mr. Spock Action Figure


Image via popculture.mearsonlineauctions.com.

“Live long and prosper.” – Mr. Spock. Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy.

2. 1968 Star Trek USS Enterprise Space Ship Model Kit

Image via serioustoyz.com.

Image via serioustoyz.com.

3. 1976 MEGO Star Trek Tricorder

Image via eBay.com.

Image via eBay.com.

4. Star Trek Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chief Medical Office Raphael Action Figure

Image via ebay.com.

Image via ebay.com.

What kind of crazy crossover is this, TMNT & Star Trek?!

5. 1975 Star Trek Command Bridge Hobby Kit

Image via geminibuildupstudios.com.

Image via geminibuildupstudios.com.

6.1976 Star Trek Pinball Game

Image via startrek.com.

Image via startrek.com.

7. MEGO Star Trek Enterprise Playset

Image via amazon.com.

Image via amazon.com.

8. Star Trek Original Art – The Joker & Harley Quinn Signed by William Shatner

Image via eBay.com.

Image via eBay.com.

Now this is the kind of crossover we can get behind.

9. 1976 Star Trek Command Communications Console

Image via 2warpstoneptune.wordpress.com.

Image via 2warpstoneptune.wordpress.com.

10. 1976 MEGO Star Trek Phaser Battle

Image via serioustoyz.com.

Image via serioustoyz.com.

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Want of the Week – Bausack Game Second Edition

Board games are a great way to relax and have fun with family and friends. A FyndIt member discovered a new game to play over the winter break and needs the help from the FyndIt community to track one down.

Bausack is a clever game where you stack odd shaped pieces together to build a tower. It’s sort of like Jenga in reverse. The game is so popular it is sold out and admirers of the game are scrambling to find copies online after the big holiday rush.


You can earn a $20.00 bounty reward if you can help find an unused copy of Bausack. If you know where one is, sign into FyndIt and post a Find for the game. The person who wants it will review your find and pay you a $20.00 bounty reward if your game is accepted as a match.

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FyndIt’s First Year Anniversary

We’ve crossed a milestone in the history of FyndIt! November 11th marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of our website. Thanks to our amazing community of Wanters and Finders, in the past year we have been able to help people find stuff from all over the world!

It has been really interesting to watch the site in action and be able to check out the cool and unusual stuff people are hoping to track down. We get super excited when we see Finds start to roll in that our members have posted in response to a Want. It’s great when there’s a handful of options for a Wanter to choose from. There’s nothing like that awesome feeling we get when a collector scores a rare item in great condition for an affordable price on FyndIt! We make it easier for a Wanter to shop for their hard-to-find items and also make it possible for successful Finders to earn money hunting online and in stores for treasures and collectibles.


To get our first year started off right, we held two awesome contests rewarding finalists with near mint signature series CGC comic books. Our Classic X-Men Comic Contest Grand Prize winner earned a NM CGC set of Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142 signed by Stan Lee valued at $1,500. The Grand Prize winner in our Mean, Green TMNT Contest walked away with a NM CGC first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles signed by Eastman and Laird worth $10,000! Holding the two comic book contests really skyrocketed site traffic and helped us gather a lot of great insight and feedback about how the FyndIt community interacts with the site’s user interface.

Based upon feedback from contest participants and other members posting comments and suggestions to our Community Forums, we’ve turned out several updates in the past year to improve FyndIt’s user experience. We’ve added the option to upload multiple images, streamlined how a user posts a Want or a Find, added the ability to link to smaller e-commerce sites and allowed Wanters additional options for where a Find can be located.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our site and help people get their hands on stuff they want to find. We’ve got lots of fun updates in store for FyndIt’s second year and can’t wait to start rolling them out! If you’re just hearing about FyndIt for the first time, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the cool and unique stuff people post as Wants and Finds to our site.


Get Paid to Find Comics & Collectibles

FyndIt is a site that helps connect people who want stuff with the people who know where to find it. We bring people together to assist each other in locating rare and elusive collectibles and memorabilia online and in stores.

When someone is looking for a hard-to-find collectible, they list it as a Want on our website. What is a Want? Well…it’s exactly just that! Something that someone wants, but just can’t seem to find.

Once an item is listed as a Want on FyndIt, our community of Finders search all over the world for it. Why would they help a stranger find stuff? Because they get paid for it! Each Want offers up a bounty reward to the person who can find the item. Bounties can be anywhere from $1 to $5 to $20 or more! If you come across a Want online or in a store, post it as a Find and if your item is accepted as a match, you’ll earn money! FyndIt bounty rewards can easily be cashed out through your PayPal account.

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It’s super easy to sign up with FyndIt! Membership is free. Create an account, verify your email and get started finding stuff for money! Check out or FAQs for more information on how FyndIt works.

Announcing the Grand Prize Winner of FyndIt’s TMNT Contest!

FyndIt’s Mean, Green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Contest has come to a close and we have chosen a Grand Prize winner!

Over the last four weeks, TMNT fans have been busy posting Wants and Finds to our site in hopes of winning the Grand Prize CGC first edition TMNT comic book signed by the creators Eastman and Laird valued at $10,000.


Congratulations to BigFatMama5, on being selected as the Grand Prize winner! The winning Want is a promotional Kellogg’s Star Fox video game watch from the 1990’s. Our Grand Prize winner has been searching for this elusive watch since her teacher took it away from her in grade school. Help return a long-lost and treasured childhood toy! If you know where to locate this special watch, click here and post your Find. If it’s what she is looking for, you could earn a bounty reward!


Here is a look back at the other three weekly finalists in the TMNT contest.

Week 1 Finalist – Looking to Find an Album Containing That Song I Heard at Camp

Week 2 Finalist – Hulk Hopper Ball

Week 3 Finalist – Tales to Astonish #1

Thank you to everyone who participated in FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest! We really enjoyed checking out all of the Wants and Finds TMNT fans posted to our site. See if you can join our community of Finders and locate unique and rare comic book memorabilia. You never know what you will find or how much someone is willing to pay you to find it!

FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest

Have you ever wanted to own a signed, near mint copy of the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but couldn’t get your hands on one because there were only 3,000 of them released? We’ll here’s an opportunity to win this rare and highly sought-after comic!

Enter to win FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest,  and if your entry qualifies as the Grand Prize winner, you could take home a CGC 9.6 graded first print TMNT #1 comic book signed by the creators! The certificate of authenticity states that this particular  comic was available only through a special promotion signing at “TURTLEMANIA” run by Metropolis and Robert Wilson in 1986 and is signed and remastered with a head sketch by creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.



1. Read the official contest rules and click Accept.
2. Register a username and create a password.
3. Verify your email so we know that you’re not an evil overlord or mutated animal.
4. Post an interesting Want or Find to enter the contest.

What exactly is FyndIt you ask? We are a community of collectors that help each other find great stuff like comics, memorabilia, toys – you name it! FyndIt members known as Wanters post a WANT – a hard-to-find collectible they’re looking for and offer a bounty reward to whoever can help them locate their item. Finders go out and search for the item online or in a store and post their found item as a FIND. If the Wanter accepts the Find as a match, then the Finder earns some money for their efforts and the location of the item is revealed to the Wanter. The Finder is stoked because they just made money off of helping someone find collectibles, and the Wanter is excited because they were finally able to track down that item they’ve had trouble searching for. It’s a win-win situation!

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Want and a Find are, here’s some information on how your contest entry will be judged should you choose to accept the mission. There will be a total of 100 points possible for each Want or Find. Judges will consider the following criteria for the scores:

COMPLETE (15 Points): How complete is the Want or Find? Make sure to include a clear photo, helpful description,choose a category for your item, list the price and set the bounty reward if it is a Want.

MEANINGFUL TITLE (15 Points): Does your post include a meaningful title? For example, “Comic” is not an especially helpful title. “Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 CGC Near Mint” is a very helpful title. The more meaningful your title is, the higher your entry will score.

AWESOME DESCRIPTION (55 Points): Describe what the item is and what era it comes from. Make sure to include the condition of the item. If you’re posting a Want, it is good to give a back story on the item you are looking for and an explanation of why you want it. If you are posting a Find, you’ll need to describe the item in detail and convince the Wanter that your Find is the best match. The more helpful and interesting your description is, the higher your entry score will be.

UNIQUE OR DIFFICULT TO FIND (15 Points): Is your Want or Find something which could be considered hard for someone to locate? A greater difficulty in locating the Want or Find will result in a higher score.


FyndIt’s Mean, Green Contest will run from July 20, 2014 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) to August 16th, 2014 at 11:59 pm PDT. There will be four entry weeks July 20-26, July 27 – August 2,  August 3-9 and August 10-16. You can enter as many times as you wish during the Entry Period, but only one entry per day. If you make more than one entry in a given day, only the first entry will be accepted.

We will select the most interesting Want or Find submitted during the Entry Week as the Weekly Finalists.  Weekly Finalists will qualify to receive the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will be announced after August 19th.

Check out the Contest FAQs and tips for posting a Winning Want and a Winning Find.

Good luck and may the best WANT or FIND win FyndIt’s Mean, Green TMNT Contest! Enter the contest here.