Find of the Week – 1978 DC Comics Super Villain Poster

Family game night never looked so evil! This fantastic piece of collectible poster art depicting DC Comic’s greatest villains schmoozing and planning unlawful shenanigans is in pristine condition. A perfect gift for the home or office wall of the comic book nerd in your life.

This rare 1978 DC Comics Villain Pin-Up Poster is a great Find for forty bucks! Locate this collector’s piece and other comic book memorabilia at FyndIt.


Image via FyndIt Member


1st Edition The Avengers Comic Book Destroyed For Art


Boys and girls, check your materials before you decoupage your next art project. You could be slapping yourself on the forehead and yelling d’oh in your best Homer Simpson voice if you don’t.

An artist in England named Andrew Vickers mistakenly used some very rare and expensive comic books to paper-mache a life-sized sculpture. He found the collection of comic books discarded in a dumpster and he picked them up to use as art material. He shredded each comic book one by one into scraps of paper and glued them to a large sculpture made out of chicken wire. He titled his piece The Paper Boy. Little did he know, his sculpture was made out of pages from a stack of comic books estimated to be worth over $20,000.

His tragic mistake was not discovered until his piece was out on display in an art show. The owner of a comic book shop in England attended the show and was intrigued with the materials Vickers used in The Paper Boy. Once comic book guy got a closer look at the pages glued to the statue, he realized the comic strips were from a first edition The Avengers as well as early additions of X-Men. You can imagine the look on the artist’s face when comic book guy told him what he had done. D’oh!

Even though the artist may not have an appreciation or understanding of the value of comic books, you would think he would  see the #1 on the cover and perhaps recognize that the artwork looked like it was created in the 1960s? He is an artist, so he has to have an eye for detail, right? He must have been looking closely at the pages to cut them up to shreds. Was it entirely possible that he completely missed noticing that the comic books were vintage?

Don’t let this happen again. Save old comic books! If you know where to find the first edition of The Avengers comic book, tell FyndIt about it and your knowledge of its whereabouts could earn you some money.