Top 5 Big Bounty Vintage WWF Wrestling Action Figures Wanted on FyndIt

Toy company LJN created the Wrestling Superstars action figure line in the 1980’s based on the charismatic characters of the World Wrestling Federation. If you take a quick cruise of auction listings, you’ll find loads of well-loved and played with WWF Wrestling Superstars. You’ll also find that packaged figures in good condition command upwards of a couple of hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars. Some of the most sought after figures come from the end of line which were produced in smaller quantities and only released in Canada. These special black card figures are hard to find and usually cost a pretty penny.

Several FyndIt members have posted Wants for Vintage LJN Wrestling Superstars Action Figures to our site. They are looking for some of the more rare and hard-to-find action figures. They are willing to pay bounty rewards ranging from $5 to $50  to the person who can help them find specific wrestling figures in the condition and price specified either online or in a store. If you are someone who knows where to find collectible vintage WWF action figures, you could scoop up all of the rewards! Bounties can easily be cashed out through PayPal.

Take a look at our list of Wanted Wrestlers and see if you can track them down. Earn a sweet bounty reward if your Find is accepted as a match!

1. Brett “The Hitman” Hart – $50 Bounty Reward

Image via FyndIt user.

Image via FyndIt user.

2. The Ultimate Warrior (Black Card) – $40 Bounty Reward


Image via

3. Tag Team Hart Foundation$40 Bounty Reward

Image via FyndIt user.

Image via FyndIt user.

4. Hulk Hogan (Red Shirt + Black Card) – $25 Bounty Reward

Image via

Image via

5. Cowboy Bob Orton – $10 Bounty Reward

Image via FyndIt user.

Image via FyndIt user.

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Want of the Week – Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Bigfoot The Sasquatch Beast

Hands down, the Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Bigfoot Sasquatch Beast is probably one of the coolest action figures we’ve come across on FyndIt. For decades the elusive Sasquatch has caused quite a stir as an urban legend. There are towns in the Pacific Northwest that are dedicated to promoting the folklore of this hairy beast.


A FyndIt member is looking for the Bigfoot action figure in unused condition, sealed mint in the box. If you know where to find one of these action figures in the condition specified, post it to FyndIt as a Find and you could earn a bounty reward if your item is accepted as a match.

At FyndIt, you can make money helping others find stuff! It’s super easy. A Wanter posts a Want for a specified price and condition. Our community of Finders then search high and low for it on the internet and in local stores. They post it as a Find and if it’s a match the Wanter will accept it. The Finder earns the bounty reward and the Wanter goes home happy with their new toy. Try your hand at finding something. Search the Wants and see if you can make a couple bucks.


Help Track Down a Vintage LJN Switch Force Enforcer from the 1980’s

Ever wish you could come across a toy you cherished as a little kid? FyndIt helps bring long-lost childhood toys back to their owners by enlisting the help of the FyndIt community. Finders track down hard-to-find vintage toys and earn a bounty reward when Wanters are reunited with their toys. Want to make some money making someone else happy?

FyndIt member, Jokeydee is looking for a Switch Force Red Van Enforcer toy vehicle created by LJN in the 1980’s. They are willing to accept the toy in any condition, either loose or sealed in the original packaging. As a side note, they are not looking for the A-Team version of the van.


Can you help? Earn a sweet bounty reward if Jokeydee accepts your Find as a match.

Browse the other Wants on FyndIt and see if you can track any of them down. If your Find is accepted as a match, you’ll take home the bounty reward! Bounties are easily cashed out with PayPal.

Help others find stuff and pocket some money at FyndIt!

Tips For Posting a Find to FyndIt

FyndIt is a unique online service that allows people from all over the world the ability to earn money finding stuff for others. Perhaps you are an internet sleuth or have the 4-1-1 on local shops in your area. If you know where to find stuff, you can earn bounty rewards posting stuff that people want on FyndIt.

Here’s how it works, someone wants something, but they are having a really hard time locating it, so they post it as a Want to FyndIt. They offer a description of the item, the condition they want it in and the price they are willing to pay for it. As an incentive to entice others to help look for their item, Wanters will post a bounty reward. The reward could be anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 to $25.00 or more! Bounty rewards are easily cashed out through PayPal.

A Finder is someone who goes out looking for the Want either online or in a store. Once they locate the item, they post a photo and details about the item as a Find. The Wanter reviews the Find and if it is what they are looking for they will accept it as a match. When a match is made the bounty reward amount is transferred to the Finders account, and the secret location of the item is revealed to the Wanter. The Wanter then contacts the seller of the item and purchases it directly from them.

Quick Tips For Posting A Find

Tip #1: Do not divulge your Find’s location! You want to keep it a secret so that you can earn that bounty reward.

So, if you copy and paste an online link make sure to remove any language referencing where you got it from. For example, a link copied from eBay might make a reference to an “Auction” or “eBay store name”. Make sure to edit the auto-generated description.

Don’t paste any links directly into the description box! They will show up on your Find’s page. So, if you want to physically enter an item’s location on the maps plus add an online link, you can paste the link under the “More Details>Additional notes on the location of the item” section. Any text you put in this box will only be revealed if the Wanter accepts the match.

Tip #2: A picture is worth a thousand words.

It is super important for someone to be able to see the item! We’ve added the ability to add multiple photos, so add images from as many angles as possible.

Tip #3 Make sure to add the cost & shipping price.

Include how much the item costs in addition to the shipping amount if possible. If you can’t figure out the shipping, make sure to specify in your Find that the shipping cost is not included.

Tip #4 Details, details, details…

Click on the “More Details” drop down menu to add in a category for the item and other important details. The more a person knows about the item, the more likely they are to accept it as a match.

Tip #5 Keep trying!

Just because a Wanter rejects your Find does not mean that there isn’t a better one out there! Keep looking and keep posting Finds.

Making money at FyndIt is easy! All you have to do is create an account, verify your email and you are on your way to finding and posting stuff people want. If someone accepts your Find as a match, you’re golden! Those bounty rewards really add up after a while.

Try your hand at finding something! Browse the Wants.

Want of the Week – DC Direct Batman Reborn Series 1: Two Face Action Figure

A FyndIt member is searching for a DC Direct Batman Reborn Series 1 Two Face Action Figure loose without the packaging. The toy must be in good condition. Help him locate this toy and you could earn a sweet bounty reward for your efforts!


At FyndIt, you can make money helping people find all kinds of stuff. Wanters post Wants to our site in hopes that our community of Finders will track the item down in the condition and price specified in the ad. Wanters offer up a bounty reward that could be anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 to $25.00 to the person who can help them find exactly what they are looking for. Finders post Finds for the Wanter to review. If a Wanter accepts your Find as a match, the bounty reward will be transfered to your FyndIt account which can then be cashed out through your PayPal account. Once you receive the bounty reward, the location of the item is revealed to the Wanter and they contact the seller directly to purchase the item.

You know you’re already surfing the net for cool stuff! Why not get paid for it at FyndIt?

X-Men Comic Contest Top Wants – Week 3

Last week we saw another great round of Want and Find entries submitted to FyndIt for our Classic X-Men Comic Contest. If you were not able to get your contest entry in or haven’t heard about our X-Men contest yet, you still have more opportunities to enter and participate in the contest up to June 1st!

FyndIt is a site that helps connect people who want stuff with the people who know where to find it. We bring collectors together to assist each other in locating rare and elusive comic book memorabilia. If you have a knack for finding collectibles online, in stores or perhaps directly from dealers, you could earn a bounty reward for your time and effort helping someone track down a hard-to-find comic or collector’s piece.

What is a Want? Well…it’s exactly just that! Something that someone can’t seem to find, but really, really want to have in their possession. There are tons of Wants listed by the comic book community on FyndIt. Let’s take a look at some of the top Wants submitted for the X-Men Comic Contest in the last week. See if you can locate any of the Wants, post a Find and if your match is accepted, you could walk away with a bounty reward. Real, actual money for helping others out.

Wanted: Captain Britain, Vol. 1 #8 Marvel Comic Book
Description: Looking for the first appearance of Psylocke in good condition.
Price Wanted: $50.00
Bounty Reward: $10.00 (You could win this if your Find is accepted!)

Image via

Image via

Wanted: DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins Series 1: Batman Action Figure
Description: Where it all began. Grounded in designs of the 3rd installment of the Batman Arkham video game series, the Batman Arkham Origins Series 1 Batman Action Figure stands about 6 3/4-inches tall, with the Caped Crusader’s appearance based on the early days, before the events of critically acclaimed video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.
Price Wanted: $25.00
Bounty Reward: $10.00 (You could win this if your Find is accepted!)


Wanted: 1979 Hot Cycle Superman Ride-On
Description: Looking for a vintage Hot Wheels (Hot Cycle) Superman children’s bike in fair to excellent condition.
Price Wanted: $200.00
Bounty Reward: $8.00 (You could win this if your Find is accepted.)

Image via Google Images

Image via Google Images

Click on any of the Top Wants for week three of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest and see if you can track down any of these hard-to-find collectibles. You’ll feel good about helping others find unusual stuff… AND it won’t hurt to earn money if your Find is accepted as a match!  There are plenty of other comic memorabilia items wanted on FyndIt. Check out the most recent Want listings and see if you can find stuff!

FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest runs through Sunday, June 1st! Enter for your chance to win a set of CGC mint Uncanny X-Men #141 and #143 comic books signed by Stan Lee! Check out the contest rules and FAQs.

Finds For Five – Action Figures

There are action figure collectors on FyndIt who need help tracking down vintage toys. They are willing to pay a bounty reward to whoever can help them find what they are looking for. There are several action figures with a bounty reward of $5.00 posted to the Want section of FyndIt.  Try your luck and see if you can hunt down a Find for five.  If your Find is accepted by the Wanter, then you could walk away with a couple extra dollars in your pocket.  All you need is an email address to create a FyndIt account and you are on your way to earning money helping others find vintage toys.

See if you can locate the following action figures on FyndIt and if you can make a match, earn $5.00!

1973 MEGO Superman Action Figure


1972 MEGO Batgirl Action Figure


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hot Spot Action Figure 


Try your hand at searching for other action figure Wants on FyndIt. You could make money helping others find vintage toys and comic books. Need help finding a collectible toy or comic for your own collection? Post your Want to FyndIt and let our community of Finders track it down for you.

Want of the Week – January 13, 2014

FyndIt is a website dedicated to helping people find stuff, especially collector items and memorabilia. Our members are searching for all kinds of stuff to add to their personal collections.

The Want of the Week for January 13th, is a fantastic 1975 Joker Mobile Volkswagen bus manufactured by MEGO. This Batman collector item is a rarity and hard to find with the original box.


FyndIt member Huntress is looking for the Joker Mobile in good condition and is willing to pay someone $5.00 to help her find it. If you know where to track down this vintage toy from the 1970’s you could earn yourself a bounty reward if you can match the price and item condition specified.

Check out other Batman memorabilia Wants  and Finds posted by our members to see if you know where to find them online or in stores and earn money helping other people find stuff.

What can FyndIt do for you?

We know the majority of cool stuff is still offline. Our service brings local and global into the same marketplace. This enables the private collector, specialty stores, mom and pop shops to have their goods found alongside major e-businesses. Get paid to help people find stuff or get help finding something you are looking for at FyndIt!

Visit FyndIt to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Earn Money Helping Others Find Comic Book Memorabilia

Get paid to help people find comic book memorabilia. Earn a bounty reward when you match up items wanted by collectors. Make several matches and cash out your winnings through your PayPal account. Get started earning money by helping others find comic collectibles at FyndIt. 
FyndIt is a new service dedicated to helping people find stuff they want. We recently launched our website and are looking for collectors of comic book memorabilia to test out our service and provide feedback on ways we can improve the user experience.
We are looking for two types of comic book enthusiasts, Wanters who need help finding memorabilia to fill their collections and Finders who have the knowledge of where to locate the items both online and in brick and mortar stores.
If you are a Finder, try your hand at matching up comic book memorabilia for a bounty reward. Sign up for a free FyndIt account and check out the action figures, collectibles, comics, statues and toys wanted by collectors. If you know where to track down one of the items listed in the Want section, reply with a Find by posting a photo, description and price point of the item. You will also enter the location of the item, which will be kept secret until your item is accepted.  If the Wanter likes your item and accepts your match, you will earn the pre-set bounty reward. Upon the acceptance of the match the location will be revealed to the Wanter. Sounds easy enough, right? Get started earning extra spending money now by visiting FyndIt and checking out the Wants posted by members.
FyndIt is not limited to helping others find comic book memorabilia only; we help folks locate all kinds of unique and hard-to-find items. Is there something that you are looking for? Post it to the Want section! Save time searching for your item and have others do the footwork for you on FyndIt.