Want of the Week: Marvel Legends 2008 Classic Hulk Green Variant Action Figure

An Incredible Hulk fan is searching for a special green variant of Marvel Legends Classic Hulk action figure from the Build-A-Figure Fin Fang Foom Series. Can you help a fellow toy collector out?

Locate this 2008 BAF Marvel Legends Classic Hulk Action Figure and earn a small bounty reward. If the member accepts your toy as a match, you’ll earn the reward and the location of the Hulk action figure will be revealed to the Wanter.

Image via comiccollectorlive.com

Image via comiccollectorlive.com

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Find of the Week – 1978 DC Comics Super Villain Poster

Family game night never looked so evil! This fantastic piece of collectible poster art depicting DC Comic’s greatest villains schmoozing and planning unlawful shenanigans is in pristine condition. A perfect gift for the home or office wall of the comic book nerd in your life.

This rare 1978 DC Comics Villain Pin-Up Poster is a great Find for forty bucks! Locate this collector’s piece and other comic book memorabilia at FyndIt.


Image via FyndIt Member


Want of the Week – 1991 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord Toy

FyndIt member cvanscott is searching for a 1991-93 Original Power Rangers Dragonzord in good condition. It must include all of it’s original parts and the tail must be intact. It would be great if the original packaging was included as well, but is not a requirement.


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Want of the Week – 1967-70 GMC Short Bed C10 Pickup Truck

FyndIt member Glen is on the hunt for a sweet ride! This week’s Want of the Week is for a 1967-70 GMC C10 Pickup Truck.

Image via image.classictrucks.com

Image via image.classictrucks.com

Help him expand his coast to coast search for a classic two-wheel drive short bed truck. Perhaps your buddy has a cherried-out one for sale or Grandpa needs help getting his old rust bucket off the farm. Regardless if it is non-op, street ready, stock or modified, Glen wants to see what you’ve got and is willing to offer a monetary reward to the person who can help him locate exactly the type of truck he is looking for.

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