Vintage Mr. Potato Head and Friends

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Our community of Finders are always on the hunt for great deals on collectibles. This week, one of our members has come across a great collection of old Mr. Potato head kits. Who knew Mr. Potato Head had so many friends!




Check out FyndIt’s other awesome collectibles Finds and see if there is something you can’t live without! You can also earn money at FyndIt for helping others find comics and memorabilia. If you find something and member accepts it as a match, you’ll earn a nice bounty reward that can be easily cashed out with your PayPal account! Cruise the Wantsin  and see if you can make a little money on the side.



Find of the Week – Mint 1979 Buck Rogers Lunch Box

It is often rare that you will find a collectible item from the 1970’s with the tags still on it! This mint condition Buck Rogers lunch box and thermos have never been used. It’s a great piece of memorabilia for any vintage lunch box collector or Buck Rogers fan.


Check out this great Find and other collectibles posted to FyndIt. Our community of Finders locates cool and unusual items from all over the world online and in stores and post them as Finds to our site for other people to browse. If you see something you like, click on the Want It button and the location of the item will be revealed to you.

Want of the Week – It Ain’t Me Babe Women’s Liberation Comic Book

The comic book world was dominated by male writers and artists during the Golden and Silver era. In the 1970’s, a group of all-female writers and artists wanted to break that norm with a one-shot release comic created by women for women. It Ain’t Me Babe was the first-known comic book produced entirely by women.

A comic book collector on FyndIt is looking for the first print of It Ain’t Me Babe in addition to the second and third print. According to, the Women’s Liberation comic was published by Last Gasp. The initial print had a run of 20,000 copies and the second and third print had a run of 10,000 copies.


A solid copy of It Ain’t Me Babe – Women’s Liberation is hard to come by. The FyndIt member has turned to our community of Finders to help her track down the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition of this historic comic book. If you know where to find a decent copy of this all-women created comic, make sure to post it as a Find and if your comic is accepted as a match, you could earn a nice bounty reward for your efforts.


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FyndIt’s First Year Anniversary

We’ve crossed a milestone in the history of FyndIt! November 11th marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of our website. Thanks to our amazing community of Wanters and Finders, in the past year we have been able to help people find stuff from all over the world!

It has been really interesting to watch the site in action and be able to check out the cool and unusual stuff people are hoping to track down. We get super excited when we see Finds start to roll in that our members have posted in response to a Want. It’s great when there’s a handful of options for a Wanter to choose from. There’s nothing like that awesome feeling we get when a collector scores a rare item in great condition for an affordable price on FyndIt! We make it easier for a Wanter to shop for their hard-to-find items and also make it possible for successful Finders to earn money hunting online and in stores for treasures and collectibles.


To get our first year started off right, we held two awesome contests rewarding finalists with near mint signature series CGC comic books. Our Classic X-Men Comic Contest Grand Prize winner earned a NM CGC set of Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142 signed by Stan Lee valued at $1,500. The Grand Prize winner in our Mean, Green TMNT Contest walked away with a NM CGC first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles signed by Eastman and Laird worth $10,000! Holding the two comic book contests really skyrocketed site traffic and helped us gather a lot of great insight and feedback about how the FyndIt community interacts with the site’s user interface.

Based upon feedback from contest participants and other members posting comments and suggestions to our Community Forums, we’ve turned out several updates in the past year to improve FyndIt’s user experience. We’ve added the option to upload multiple images, streamlined how a user posts a Want or a Find, added the ability to link to smaller e-commerce sites and allowed Wanters additional options for where a Find can be located.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our site and help people get their hands on stuff they want to find. We’ve got lots of fun updates in store for FyndIt’s second year and can’t wait to start rolling them out! If you’re just hearing about FyndIt for the first time, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with the cool and unique stuff people post as Wants and Finds to our site.


Find of the Week – Vintage Light Up Spaceship Lighter

People from all over the world search for cool and unusual items online and in stores. Some of these treasure hunters post their amazing Finds to FyndIt for others to check out and gawk at.

This week’s Find of the Week is a pretty awesome vintage lighter. It lights up and flashes when its open. It’s shaped like a retro-futuristic space ship. It would make a great collectible for anyone who is interested in vintage smoking paraphanelia.

Check out this vintage spaceship lighter and other cool Finds at FyndIt. You never know what you’ll come across on FyndIt.


Want of the Week – CGC Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8

Comic book collectors post Wants to FyndIt in hopes that our community of Finders will help them track down a hard-to-find issues at an affordable price.

This week’s Want of the Week is for a Marvel’s Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 comic book. The FyndIt member is looking for a CGC near mint copy of the first appearance of Venom.


If you know where to find a copy of the comic in the condition specified, post your Find to our site. If it’s what the Wanter is looking for, they will accept your match and pay you a bounty reward for your efforts! Bounties can easily be cashed out with PayPal. Yes, it’s true…you really can earn money helping others find comics.

Take a gander at other Wants listed to our website and see how many bounty rewards you can rack up. All of us could use a little extra money! Try your had at finding stuff at FyndIt!

Get Paid to Find Comics & Collectibles

FyndIt is a site that helps connect people who want stuff with the people who know where to find it. We bring people together to assist each other in locating rare and elusive collectibles and memorabilia online and in stores.

When someone is looking for a hard-to-find collectible, they list it as a Want on our website. What is a Want? Well…it’s exactly just that! Something that someone wants, but just can’t seem to find.

Once an item is listed as a Want on FyndIt, our community of Finders search all over the world for it. Why would they help a stranger find stuff? Because they get paid for it! Each Want offers up a bounty reward to the person who can find the item. Bounties can be anywhere from $1 to $5 to $20 or more! If you come across a Want online or in a store, post it as a Find and if your item is accepted as a match, you’ll earn money! FyndIt bounty rewards can easily be cashed out through your PayPal account.

Check out the most recent Wants listed on FyndIt and see if you can track down any of the comics or collectibles wanted by our members. There are several listed with $10 bounty rewards. If you were able to find even just a handful of items, your rewards would stack up pretty quick!


It’s super easy to sign up with FyndIt! Membership is free. Create an account, verify your email and get started finding stuff for money! Check out or FAQs for more information on how FyndIt works.

FyndIt Updates – Streamlined Wants and Finds

Our crew has been busy working on the back end to bring FyndIt members helpful updates that will improve their user experience! We updated FyndIt with a new release yesterday and would like to invite you to check out the new features. If you are a collector looking for a hard-to-find item, go ahead and post a Want. Our community of Finders will help track it down for you. Perhaps you are someone who knows where to buy all the unusual or kitschy stuff? You’ll want to post a Find to our site and if someone has to have it, they’ll “Want It” and you’ll earn a bounty reward for finding cool stuff!

With this week’s release, we were able to streamline the process of adding a Want or Find to our website. It is now easier for a FyndIt member to enter their item’s information. We’ve moved the additional details section to an “optional” area. Members can now post a Want or Find with just the basic information to quickly get their item up on the site. If additional details are needed, a member can always go back in and edit their post to add more information about the item’s condition or manufacturer. Give the new update a whirl and find out how easy it is now to post a Want or Find.

In addition to streamlining Wants and Finds, we’ve added a new feature to our Want posts that allows the Wanter more control over where an item is found. Some of our Wanters are internet sleuths and have searched the inter-webs high and low for that thing they can’t possibly live without. When they can’t find it online, they turn to our community of Finders for help. The idea is that our Finders live all over the world and have access to brick and mortar shops that carry all kinds of items that are not available in the Wanter’s hometown. We’ve added a new feature that allows a Wanter to specify if an item can be found online or only in a store. In the case of our Wanters who are internet sleuths, they are already searching online for their item, but specifically need help searching for it in a store at some far away location. The newly added feature helps potential Finders narrow the item down and prevents both the Wanter and the Finder from doing double work searching for the item online.

In addition to the two newly added features, we’ve continued working on squashing pesky little bugs to improve the user experience. You can keep up to date on all of the awesome stuff we are doing to improve the site by reading our latest Release Notes.

We’d love to get your feedback about the new features! Create a free account at FyndIt and post a Want or Find. Feel free to contact us directly at or post your thoughts to our Community Forums.