Collectible Comic Book Statues Wanted on FyndIt

FyndIt is a great place for collectors to turn to when they are having difficulties tracking down sold out limited edition comic book statues. If you are having troubles locating a collectible, post your Want to our website and our community of Finders will help track the item down for you. You can specify the price and the item’s conditon that you are looking for. Finders will post Finds to your Want for you to review. If you see something that works and is within your budget, click to accept the item and pay a small bounty reward to find out the location of the item. The Finder will supply you with directions where to find it online or in a store for you to purchase directly from the seller. What’s it worth to you to find that sold out statue you have been hunting for? Let the FyndIt community help get it in your hands and up on your display shelf where it belongs! Click here to get started with creating an account at FyndIt and posting your first Want.

Here are a couple of comic book statues that are currently listed on our site as Wants. Try your hand at finding one of them and see if you can earn the bounty reward if your item is accepted as a match.

RARE Captain America Vs Red Skull Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Statue – Bounty Reward $10

Description: The Captain America VS Red Skull poly-stone diorama captures the critical moment in battle between these two sworn enemies, facing one another on a curving stone staircase inside a Nazi stronghold. Originally limited to only 600 worldwide. It stands over 12 inches in height, 16 inches in width at its widest point, and 13 inches in depth. Looking for one in very good to near mint condition with the original box. Please no auction format. Only looking to purchase buy nows at $500 or less. Yes, I realize the amount posted is a long shot since these are going for upwards of $700 or more, but that’s why I’ve included a $10 bounty reward if you can help me find one for $500.


DC Comics Collectibles Bombshells Poison Ivy Statue – Bounty Reward $2

Description: Looking to expand my DC Comics Bombshells collection and stay within my budget.


Superman Vault Statue – Bounty Reward $2

Description: 1:12 scale. Exclusive Man of Steel statue from DC Collectibles. Wanted new in box.


Army of Darkness 10th Anniversary Statue – Bounty Reward $10

Description: Diamond Select Army of Darkness anniversary statue. Must be in good condition. Would love to have the box too.


DC Direct Black and White Batman Statue – Bounty Reward $10

Description: This is a very limited batman statue, from DC Direct, based on Mike Mignola’s artwork on batman. It was sculpted by Jonathan Matthews.

You really can make money at FyndIt helping others track down comics and collectibles. All of those bounty rewards add up and they can easily be cashed out with your PayPal account. Get help looking for stuff or start making money finding items for others at FyndIt!

Find of the Week – Vintage Fossil Special Edition Superman Watch



The Find of the Week is a special edition vintage Fossil Superman watch with telephone booth bank. Produced in 1993, this second edition to the Superman collection, depicts comic art from the golden era of America’s #1 superhero. Captured in mid-flight, Superman adorns the face of the watch. It comes packaged in a miniature telephone booth, an appropriate changing spot for Clark Kent.

FyndIt member mikestang99 has posted the 1993 rare vintage Fossil Superman watch with telephone to the site as a Find. If you are a Superman collector or in the market for a handsome watch, don’t miss out on this opportunity to find out where to get it. As most collectors know, this watch only comes up for sale from time to time and there are currently none available for sale on eBay. Click here to get your own collectible Superman timepiece complete with telephone booth.

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Mermaid Comic Book Covers

A FyndIt member is on a quest to collect a very special sub-genre of comic books. She is enchanted with mermaids and is looking to collect comic book covers depicting beautiful half human half fish creatures. She is mainly looking for comic book covers from the Golden and Silver comic book eras. She has turned to the FyndIt community to help her track down issues in the condition and price specified in her Want posts.

At FyndIt, our members turn to us for help with tracking down unique, rare or just plain hard-to-find comics and memorabilia. People list Wants on our site to get help from others tracking down collectibles from all over the world. Our members offer Finders a bounty reward for their efforts in locating memorabilia and collectibles.

See if you can find any of the mermaid comic book covers below and try your hand at scoring a nice bounty reward. All you have to do is create a username and password at FyndIt, verify your email address and then list your Find. If your Find is accepted as a match, you will earn the reward. It’s fun and easy to search for items on the internet and in shops when you are out and about. Might as well get paid for it and help someone find their stuff!

Blackhawk #170


Superman #139


Action Comics #130


Fantastic Adventures – Alexander Blade’s Mermaid of Maracot Deep

Fantastic_Adventures_1949_Mar_cover (1)

Weird Thrillers #3


Strange Tales #40


Terror Tales May 1940

terror tales_4005


Check out our collection of Underwater Comic Book Covers on Pinterest!

Find of the Week – KISS Garden Gnomes

These are not your average run of the mill garden gnomes! FyndIt’s Find of the Week is a group of hard-core garden gnome rock stars. Do you know a KISS fan who also loves garden gnomes? This hand painted set of gnomes would make the perfect gift for that headbanger with a heart for little forest people. Find out where to score this set of KISS Garden Gnomes.



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Want of the Week – Denver Broncos Al Wilson #56 Football Jersey

Image via

Image via

Who’s ready for some football? Fans across the nation are rejoicing with the return of football season. Every football fan needs to own some apparel to show off their team pride and love for the game.

This week’s Want of the Week on FyndIt is for a size large Denver Broncos Al Wilson #56 football jersey. A FyndIt Broncos fan needs help locating one online or in a store. It can be a home or visiting jersey in new or used condition. If it’s in used condition, the member prefers the jersey to be in decent shape.

FyndIt helps people track down hard-to-find collectibles. We help connect people who want stuff with the people who know where to find it. If you know where to find an Al Wilson #56 football jersey in a size large, you could earn a $5.00 bounty reward for helping out a FyndIt member if your item is accepted as a match. Go ahead and click on the link and see if you can earn yourself a little reward by helping someone out.

See if you can find any of the other Wants posted to FyndIt. You never know, you could earn a couple bucks for knowing where to find something that is special to someone else!

Vintage Evel Knievel Collectibles

Evel Knievel was the greatest American daredevil! He amazed the crowds with his insane motorcycle jumps. His zest for danger entered him into the Guinness Book of World Records as the survivor of the most broken bones in a lifetime. If he booked a show and failed to pull off a jump having to exit the arena in an ambulance, he would take a short recovery time and return to the venue to complete his motorcycle stunt and land it. Stories of his injuries only added to his hype and the crowds returned for more.

Of course this iconic American entertainer had his very own toy line, which has now become highly collectible. Evel Knievel fans scour the internet for high grade action figures, motorcycles and stunt play-sets. One Evel Knieval fan has turned to FyndIt in hopes that we can help him locate Evel collectibles in excellent condition at an affordable price.

Here are some of the Evel Knievel items our member is searching for. If you come across any of these vintage toys on the internet or in a store, log onto FyndIt and post your great Find. If your item is accepted as a match, you could earn a sweet bounty reward for helping a collector out!

1973 Evel Knievel Scramble Van – Bounty Reward $3.00


1974 Evel Knievel Stunt Stadium – Bounty Reward $5.00


1974 Evel Knievel Walkie Talkie Set – Bounty Reward $10.00


1972 Evel Knievel Action Figure



Check out other collectibles wanted by members on FyndIt in the Wants section. See if you can locate any of the items and post your Find. If your item is accepted as a match you could earn a bounty reward in the amount of $0.50, $1.00, $5.00 or more!