Wonder Woman Wanted on FyndIt

Wonder Woman is the most iconic heroine in the comic book universe. Fans are looking forward to her appearance on the big screen in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

Several Wonder Woman collectors have used FyndIt to try and track down hard-to-find WW memorabilia. When FyndIt launched back in November of 2013, one of the first items posted to our site was a vintage Wonder Woman telephone. It is a very hot WW collectors item!

Recently, another WW fan has posted the same Want for a Vintage 1970’s Wonder Woman phone. Today the value of this unique superhero touch tone phone is valued between $800 and $1,200 depending on the condition. Back in the day, the phone was available with a rotary dial or touch tone option and the base came in different colors.

The Wanter of this unique telephone needs help locating this elusive Wonder Woman memorabilia. They are offering a $25 bounty reward to the person who can help them track one down online or in a store. If you know where to find this vintage phone, log on to FyndIt and post a Find. If your item is matched, you could walk away with an additional $25 in your PayPal account!


FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest Grand Prize Winner

Over the last five weeks, X-Men fans have been busy posting Wants and Finds to FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest in hopes of winning the Grand Prize set of CGC Signature Series comics that inspired the worldwide box office smash hit X-Men Days of Future Past.  Lots of hard-to-find comics, rare superhero statues, old school gaming equipment and other great collectibles were posted as contest entries by people looking for stuff and by people who know where to get it on FyndIt.

Four lucky winners have been awarded a set of CGC 9.8 NM Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142 valued at $300.00. Our lucky Grand Prize winner has been awarded a CGC Signature Series of the same set of X-Men comics signed by comic book legend Stan Lee valued at $1,500.00. Boy, the contest participants made it tough on the judges! We had so many awesome and unique Wants and Finds to look through in order to narrow down it down to the top five winners. We wanted to give a big shout out to all of our new members who entered FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest!

prizes_detail (1)

Let’s get to the part we have all been waiting for! Drumroll please…

CONGRATULATIONS to Nerdlyweds, on being selected as the Grand Prize winner of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest! The one-of-a-kind Find was the Week 4 Winner of our contest. The Grand Prize Find is a character mask worn by actor Hinton Battle in a memorable musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season six. In this fan-favorite BtVS episode, Sweet the jazz demon forces Buffy characters to sing and dance, spilling their biggest secrets and untold truths. This iconic piece of Buffy history has been part of a private collection and is now available for sale to the serious Buffy collector. If you are obsessed with Buffy or dancing musical demons, Nerdlyweds knows where to find unique and rare television props! If you can’t live without this magnificent mask click on the winning Find , SCREEN USED Sweet Mask to find out where it’s located.


Left Image submitted by FyndIt member, Right Image via http://images.wikia.com/

Nerdlyweds Grand Prize Find was actually the only Find chosen during the contest period. The other four winners posted Wants as contest entries. A Want is an item a person is looking for in a specific condition and for a particular price. They post their Want to FyndIt with the offer of a small bounty reward to the person who can help them track the item down for sale. Take a look at the remaining X-Men Contest winners and see if you can find a match and earn a bounty reward!

Week 1 Winner – R.O.B. The Video Robot 

Robotic Operating Buddy by NES Japan. Image via wikipedia.org.

Image via wikipedia.org.

Week 2 Winner – TALES TO ASTONISH #27 Cover

Image via comicbookrealm.com.

Image via comicbookrealm.com

Week 3 Winner – Sure Fire Comics #2

Image via coverbrowser.com.

Image via coverbrowser.com.

Week 5 Winner – Public Defender in Action #9

Thank  you to everyone who participated in FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Contest! We had a blast checking out all of the awesome Wants and Finds submitted in the last five weeks. To see what X-Men fans posted to FyndIt check out the Wants and Finds listed on our site. See if you can join our community of Finders and locate unique and rare comic book memorabilia posted to FyndIt.  You never know what you will find or how much someone is willing to pay you to find it!

We plan to have more contests in the future so stay tuned…


FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest – Week 5 Winner!

We can’t believe our five week long X-Men Comic Contest has already come to an end! Time flies when you are giving out free X-Men comics.

Congratulations to FyndIt member t1m8omatas for submitting the winning Want, Public Defender In Action #9 for week five of FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest.

Public Defender in Action was a comic book previously published under the title Police Trap by Charlton Publishing in 1955. Starting with issue #6 the title changed to Public Defender in Action. The comic released six additional issues. The series follows the work of Richard Manning as he defends the guilty and innocent who cannot afford a lawyer.

Want: Public Defender In Action #9
Description: I’m looking for #9 of this series to help complete my run. I am a public defender by trade, and I have the other issues framed and displayed in my office. I have been a comic collector since I was 6 years old, and this title is the perfect marriage of my childhood and adult life.
Desired Price: $50.00 to $100.00
Bounty Reward: $5.00

FyndIt is a site that helps connect people who are looking for rare comic books with the people who know where to find them. If you have a knack for finding collectibles online, in brick and mortar stores or directly from dealers, make sure to cruise the FyndIt website for Wants to see if you can locate rare and elusive comic book memorabilia. Earn money finding comics at Fyndit!

Help our FyndIt member locate the elusive Public Defender In Action #9 comic book and earn yourself a $5.00 bounty reward if your Find is accepted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comic Contest. We will be announcing the grand prize winner of the contest later this week! Stay tuned…