FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comics Contest

You could win the comics that inspired the new X-Men movie Days of Future Past hitting theaters on May 23rd. Enter to win FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Comics Contest!

Contest Prizes: The Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142

Contest Prizes: The Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142

Five lucky winners will receive a set of The Uncanny X-Men #141 and #142. All are professionally graded near-mint by CGC, with the grand prize set signed by Marvel Comics’ legendary founder, Stan “The Man” Lee himself!

Your love of collecting comics could help you win two of the greatest X-Men comics of all time! Register for the contest at FyndIt and post a WANT or a FIND to enter to win!

FyndIt is a community of collectors that helps each other find great stuff: comics, memorabilia, toys-you name it! FyndIt members post a WANT – a hard-to-find collectible they’re looking for – or receive a bounty reward for a FIND  that another member wants. It’s super easy to cash out your bounty rewards through PayPal!

And that’s exactly how you enter this contest – every WANT or FIND you post is your chance to win these legendary X-Men comics! Each WANT or FIND you post counts as a single entry. Limit of one entry per member per day.


Read the contest rules and click Accept.  Create a username and password at FyndIt. Verify your email so that we know you are not a mutant. Create and post your most interesting WANT or FIND.

Your WANT or FIND should include a clear picture and description of the item as well as information about why you selected the particular item in 100 words or less. The more interesting your item and description are, the better your entry will score.

Your WANTor FIND must be legitimate. You shouldn’t add a WANT for something which is commonly available (like a gallon of milk) or something which can’t be found (like a real unicorn). You shouldn’t add a FIND for something that doesn’t exist (like BigFoot), probably can’t be found (like Noah’s Ark), or you haven’t actually found. And of course, you shouldn’t add a WANT or FIND for something which breaks FyndIt’s Terms of Service.


You can enter between April 28, 2014 and May 25, 2014. There will be five periods for entry during the Entry Period: April 28 – May 4th, May 5th – May 11th, May 12th – May 18th , May 19th – May 25th , and May 26th- June 1st, and each is an “Entry Week.” You can enter as many times as you wish during the Entry Period, but only one entry per day. If you make more than one entry in a given day, only the first entry will be accepted.

What Can you Win?

There are five awesome comic book prizes! We will award a total of four winners each one set of CGC-Certified near mint-condition “X-Men” Issues #141 and #142 as the weekly prize. We will award a total of one winner one set of CGC-Certified near mint-condition “X-Men” Issues #141 and #142 autographed by Stan Lee as the Grand Prize!

Did You Win?

We will consider winners after each Entry Week during the Entry Period for a Weekly Prize.  It doesn’t matter when you post your entry during the Entry Week, so long as it is entered on FyndIt  by the Sunday before each Weekly Prize Judging. See the contest rules for exact dates.

There will be a total of 100 points available per judge. Judges will consider the following criteria:

Complete: How complete is the WANT or FIND? Does it include a clear picture, especially if it’s a FIND? Of course, for a WANT, if you don’t have a picture, then we would understand so long as there is a clear and complete written description. The more complete your entry is, the higher your entry will score. Your entry will receive up to 15 points for completeness.

Meaningfully Titled: Does it include a meaningful title? For example, “Comic” is not an especially helpful title. “X-Men Issue #141, Mint Condition” is a very helpful title. The more meaningful your title is, the higher your entry will score. Your title is worth up to 15 points.

Helpful and Awesome Description: Does it include a helpful and meaningful description in one hundred (100) words or less? Remember, if you’re posting a WANT, the description helps make sure Finders are looking for the right thing. Sharing why you WANT an item or any helpful background information might help Finders locate your WANT! If you’re posting a FIND, you need to convince the Wanter that this is the one they want. Sharing the story of how you found it could help convince the Wanter to WANT your FIND that much more! The more helpful and interesting your description is, the higher your entry will score. Your description is worth up to 55 points.

Unique or difficult to find: Is your WANT or FIND something which could be considered hard for someone to find? It can range from something truly rare (like an original signed set of X-Men #’s 141 and 142), to something less rare, but hard to find in, say, St. Louis, MO, or even something just unique, like a Life Size Mr. Peanut Statue. The more unique or difficult to find your entry is, the higher your entry will score, and is worth up to 15 points.

Good luck and may the best WANT or FIND win FyndIt’s Classic X-Men Contest! Enter the contest here.

Want of the Week – April 21, 2014

In 1964, Marvel released a 72-page annual titled Marvel Tales. The first issue included six origin tales featuring The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and exerpts of the first apperances of Giant-Man, The Incredible Hulk and a tale about WWII. This first annual was unique in that it offered the comic book reader a glimpse behind the scenes at the Marvel offices and featured a two-page photo spread of staff members.

The Want of the Week for April 21st is Marvel Tales Annual #1. One of our friends on FyndIt is looking for a copy of this comic in very good condition. If you know where to find this comic online or in a store, post it to FyndIt and you could earn $5.00 if your match is accepted.


Want to earn money surfing the net or window shopping for cool collectibles? Check out the other Comic & Collectibles Wants people have posted to FyndIt.

Captain America Collectibles Wanted on FyndIt

Are you a Captain America  fan and know where to find related comics and memorabilia? If so, you could earn some cash helping superhero collectors locate collectibles on FyndIt!

There are several folks on FyndIt looking for Captain America comics, games and statues. Take a gander at the items posted below and click on a photo if you think you know where to locate the item. Tell FyndIt about your great Find and if your match is accepted by the collector you can earn yourself some spending money and perhaps buy your own comic book collectibles.


1977 Captain America Game – Find this item and earn a $1.00 bounty reward.


1980 Milton Bradley Super Heroes Strategy Game – Find this item and earn a $2.00 bounty reward.


All Winners Comics Vol. 2 #1 – Find this item and earn a $3.00 bounty reward.


Marvel Mystery Comics #84 – Find this item and earn a $2.50 bounty reward.


All Winners Comics #2 – Carnival of Death – Find this item and earn a $3.00 bounty reward.


Tales of Suspense #63 – Find this item and earn a $3.00 bounty reward.


Spider-Man Incredible Hulk Captain America & Spider-Woman – Find this item and earn a $1.00 bounty reward.


RARE Captain America Vs Red Skull Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Statue – Find this item an earn a $10.00 bounty reward!


Get the FAQs on FyndIt and earn money helping others find collectibles or get help from our community tracking down a hard-to-find-collectible. Check out other items listed as Wants on FyndIt and see if you can find a match.

Captain America Comics & Memorabilia

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters this week on April 4th. Marvel’s latest superhero movie teams Captain America and the Black Widow against the formidable enemy the Winter Soldier.

Captain America’s character first appeared back in the 1940’s. He is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, who ingested an experimental serum to enhance his physical abilities to aid in the United States efforts to win WWII. Captain America is a patriotic superhero loved by many over the decades.

There are collectors on FyndIt looking for several specific Captain America comic books and memorabilia items. FyndIt is a service that brings together people who are looking for stuff with people who know where to locate hard-to-find collectors items online and in stores. If you are someone who knows where to find Captain America collectibles, check out some of the comics listed below and see if you can locate them for a bounty reward. That’s right, help others find comics and earn money!

How do I make money surfing the web or window shopping for collectibles? Click on the comic covers below to check out the Captain America Wants on FyndIt. If you see something and know where to find it, add a Find with a picture and description of the item. The location of the item will be kept secret until the collector accepts your match. Once your Find is accepted, the location of the item will be revealed to the Wanter and the bounty reward will be transferred to your FyndIt account. It is super easy and secure to cash out FyndIt credit with your PayPal account.

Get started finding Captain America stuff and earning money, click on the comic covers!


Captain America Comics #36 – The Blood of Dr. Necrosis – Bounty Reward $3.0


Captain America Comics #26 – The Princess of the Atom: Part 2 – Bounty Reward $3.00

Captain America #109 Origin Issue - Bounty Reward $2.00

Captain America #109 Origin Issue – Bounty Reward $2.00

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